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The opportunity for privatizations in Angola. 2020 analysis

The privatization program currently underway in Angola has a scope never before outlined in the country and deserves extra attention by the international business community.

About us

CEDESA is an international entity dedicated to the analysis and research of political and economic issues in southern Africa, especially in Angola, which was created by several academics based at the ARN (Angola Research Network) (

Its main objective is to provide the policy makers, the business community, academics and students, as well as,  the interested population, with rigorous analyses of economic perspectives in Angola and to carry out consistent suggestions of policies to be followed.

It counts with a dynamic and vast group of academics and researchers following a multidisciplinary approach. This team guarantees a competent and impartial work.

The texts follow British tradition, so they are not signed, as they result from collective work. What is important are the ideas and not the people who write them. This avoids fulanisation and biased discussion.

Its headquarters are in Lisbon, but it operates on a global network, and will soon open three delegations. One in the United Kingdom, another in Angola and a third in Asia.

CEDESA is a partner of the United Nations University ( and of the International Security  and Development Center, Berlin (

The team

CEDESA is chaired by a director, Filipe Delfim Santos, PhD in History and Educational Sciences (Spain and New Zealand) and coordinator of the Angola Research Network. Miguel Almeida Dias, Master in Political Economy (England), is the Secretary General  and  responsible for the Center’s communication. Its team is variable and results from the collaborative work from some members of the ARN, in which is affiliated.



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