Press freedom, law and common sense

The recent events resulting from the demonstration promoted by the UNITA party last Saturday, in which television elements were allegedly prevented from carrying out their work and attacked, must be seen from an institutional perspective and with common sense, distinguishing several plans.
From the personal and criminal responsibility point of view, it is up to potential victims and their employers to activate the legal mechanisms available for compensation for damages and possible punishments. This accountability is carried out through the Public Ministry and the Courts and must take place there.
A different plan is the institutional one. In this context, common sense must work.
On the one hand, the party organizing the demonstration, confirming what happened, must apologize to the victims and their employers, guaranteeing that in the future it will ensure the free exercise of press freedom in its activities.
On the other hand, televisions, namely, TPA and TV Zimbo, must reaffirm their commitment to press freedom and pluralism, refraining from behavior that violates these constitutional principles, leaving any complaints and afflictions to the Courts, not exercising private justice in the form of retaliation. Common sense and reasonableness must prevail.

Lisbon, September 14th, 2021